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West Michigan Graphic Design Archives

An update of the West Michigan Graphic Design Archives website that was designed by Ferris seniors in 2013.

Web Design/UX


A few years ago, the West Michigan Design Archives website was built. Until now, there wasn’t enough archival work to make the website live. Things have changed over the years, so the website must be revisited.


Edit the existing website and accommodate it for the work that was collected, make it intuitive and easy for archive volunteers to input data, and create a search engine that can be used for a set of diverse needs.


Site Administrator

Wants an easy way to navigate/work with the now-live design archives website

Previous Site Audit/Wireframes

After the original site was examined, new wireframes and prototypes were created in order to get to the final updated design. Most updates were made to the search bar and project page content. New pages were also created like the "our story" page, as well as a "noteworthy" blog section.

A Responsive Experience

The design archives website was originally responsive, having a desktop version and a mobile version of the site. To add onto this, we updated media queries so that the site was more efficient, so that there didn't have to be separate versions for desktop and mobile.

Information Architecture

The projects are separated like this: a parent of a series (if a project contains projects, like a folder carrying folders), connects to individual project pages, which then connect to "assets", photos or accompanying detail images about the individual project.

Other Additions

The hierarchy of the site content was then planned out using wireframes.