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Meijer Rebrand

A consistent branding system for Meijer’s generic product line.

Packaging/Branding/Web Design


Meijer has a great line of generic products in its store. However, when comparing one type of food product to another, it was found that the branding was inconsistent. Colors varied, graphic elements changed, and even the font combinations differed.


A branding system that is functional across all product types, including food packaging and price tags.

Brand Audit

Meijer’s brand inconsistencies were examined. This is what was found:

Basic Meijer Brand: This label, a simple white label featuring the Meijer logo accompanied by the color Meijer blue, can be found on their frozen goods, as well as some dry food packaging.

Badge Design: The badge/banner design can be found on things like bread and soda. The colors on this design varied based on what product the packaging was for.

Dots Design: This was one of the newer designs Meijer put on the shelf. The color range varied, but the focal point was the same: the Meijer logo accompanied by a design with dots.

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Different versions of three concepts were brainstormed and drawn out.

Concept 1

Light Concept: A light, airy, concept focusing on a small picture of the food as well as large, bold typography. This would improve shelf presence as very few packages are white with a lot of contrast.

Concept 2

Splatter Concept A bright, interesting concept using textures for the background image and a bright color splatter as a call to attention. This concept would improve shelf presence as black and white photography and food is rarely used in conjunction with each other.

Final Concept

Dark Concept (Strongest Concept): This concept was chosen because of how attention-grabbing it is. The background image pops, while the black label sets it apart from other brands on the shelf. The nutrition facts printed on the front are another feature to inform the audience at first glance.

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