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Not Your Average Girl Film Festival

A system of both web and printed touchpoints for a local film festival.



A group of women in Grand Rapids want to show their city diverse films that tell the stories of or are directed by women. They need a theme that will both attract those familiar with feminism/empowering women and also strike a chord with curious newcomers.


Design touchpoints that will both educate and attract potential attendees of the film festival.

Target User

Untraditional Freshman College Student

Wants to see films that represent her bisexual/black identity, and is also looking for something to get involved with outside of school.


The original concept of the film festival was to evoke a 90s DIY feel inspired by the feminist punk movement, the riot grrrl movement. After much concept iteration (including a scrapped final concept from a couple of years previous), the concept of using a photo of a transgender body as a grungey "attention getter" was decided upon.

The punk/alternative feeling of the original concept was kept, while the overall style was simplified, as to not distract from the heart of the film festival.

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“Not Your Average Girl” was chosen to say “this isn’t your average film festival, nor do these movies have your average female characters.”

The logo is written in pink lipstick in order to be messy with a touch of femininity. Gotham and Karma Bold were chosen to compliment each other (one sans-serif and one serif typeface), and because they were both designed or co-designed by women. Dark tones and pink rectangles were used to relate to a film screen.

Montserrat was chosen as the web-friendly alternative to Gotham, as it's similar in structure and also designed by a woman.

Site Map

The website contains information for everyone. There’s an “about” page to learn more about the purpose of the film fest, a “watch” section to learn more about the movies, directors, and times, and a “buy” section to buy tickets ahead of time. Users can also contact the film fest if they have questions, as well as find directions to the fest and a link for “getting involved” if they want to volunteer.

Links to social media are also on the page so that users can see photos from the festival.


The hierarchy of the site content was then planned out using wireframes.


Using the wireframes, a website for the film festival was then coded.

To view the live site, click here.

Social Media

Social media is used for festival announcements, director information, and event photos. Users can also use it to interact with others that are interested in the film festival.

Other Touchpoints

Other touchpoints include a poster to advertise the tour, a handout, and a tour t-shirt.