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ASAP Grocery Delivery App

An app that allows users to create a shopping list, have someone shop for them, shop for someone else, and get their groceries delivered.

App Design/UX


A national grocery store chain called S-Mart wants to get in on the grocery delivery e-commerce market. How can an easy, intuitive interface and experience be created to accomdate this idea?


Create an app that caters to various users whether they want to be the shopper or the "runner."

Target User

Young Adult

Looking to make some extra money on the side, and also wants a quicker, easier way to shop.


Before any planning was started, the users of this app were researched and interviewed. The answers gave insight into what sort of direction to take, like whether or not shoppers want to be rewarded for shopping for someone else, what they like and don’t like about shopping, etc.

Journey Map

A journey map of a shopping experience was created in order to discover what the main “anxiety points” were. From there, we brainstormed how we could make these points more positive and integrated them into the app.


Storyboards were created in order to demonstrate how the ASAP app would be used in a shopping situation.

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Use Flow

Before the design of the app could begin, a use flow was created in order to discover what actions/goals the app would have to accomplish, which would then help determine how many screens and what screen types would be needed.

App Model

Once the use flow was completed, an app model was created to see the flow of the screens, as well as what screen types the app would need.


Screens were then prototyped using Sketch, enhanced with Principle, and demonstrated using InVision.

You can view the app prototype on InVision here.

Other Touchpoints

Other touchpoints include a bag for the "runners", as well as a sticker for the Uber drivers to indicate that they're partnered with ASAP.