"Great design simplifies a complicated world."

My name's Andrea Cordes, and I've got a passion for films, photography, design thinking, and food. If you ever need a restaurant recommendation, I'm your gal.

I want to use design to improve our world. Whether it be through creating user experiences that promote learning and productivity, telling stories through visual mediums in order to get people to relate to and learn about one another, or simplifying something that was once overly-complicated, I want to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

A Little About Me

  • Tunes

    My favorite kind of music is indie rock, but I'll listen to just about anything. So far I've seen Frank Turner, The Front Bottoms, Kitten Forever, Modest Mouse, Brand New, and Pity Sex live.

  • Photography

    As you can probably tell, photography is a big hobby of mine. I started out using my dad's point and shoot when I was 14. From there I've expanded into using a Canon Rebel T5, Canon AE-1 Program, and instant film cameras like the Fujifilm Instax Mini, as well as a Polaroid Spectra that I found on Ebay (it worked!)

  • Travel

    I love to travel. I hope to someday take a west coast roadtrip because I've never been farther than Nevada before. My favorite places that I've traveled to so far are Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, and Pittsburgh.

  • Social Awareness

    I'm also passionate about social issues. I want to use design to improve our educational system, fight homelessness, gain equal human rights for those that don't have them, and keep art in schools.